Bodybuilding Supplements Buying Guide

Any bodybuilder can acknowledge that bodybuilding is a challenging sport. This is because as years go, it’s tough to maintain a competitive edge. Training intensity is critical in this industry, but muscle recovery is an impeding factor for any bodybuilder. That is why it’s crucial to fill the gap with quality supplements.

Who Needs Supplements?

For the trainers in a normal fitness program that is 30 to 40 minutes a day and train thrice week, they can meet nutritional requirements by sticking to a balanced diet. But what is the required balanced diet for such builders? 0.7-1.2g protein/kg/day and 20-40 Kcl/kg/day is enough. Therefore such individuals taking supplements is unnecessary since they won’t achieve the desired results.

But if you’re a severe bodybuilding athlete, supplements should be one of the essential products in your expeditions. This is because it’s sporadic to find everyday foods that could effectively impact your workouts. For your information, you need rapid muscle development and also quick muscle and tissue recovery.

5 Tips for Buying Bodybuilding Supplements

Before you purchase any supplement, you must consider some factors; otherwise, you will buy an unhelpful product or toxic product. For you to find a useful supplement, you must engage the following elements:

1. What Are Your Fitness Objectives?
Do you intend to gain more muscles and weight? It would then be best if you did not search further and settle on those products that contain more calories. In some cases, some are sold as mass gaining products or meal replacements. But if you aim to cut down fat, 100% straight proteins are the best choice.

2. Do You Know The Categories Of Supplements?
Knowing the types of supplements will help you a lot. This means you’ll not be convinced by the aesthetics of the product but the content. Also, instead of searching, you’ll go straight to the product catalog, hence, saving your time. There are three types of supplements:

2.1. Whey proteins
Among all the supplements in the market, whey proteins are considered to be best. This is because the products have a robust combination of amino acids, high biological contents, enhances blood circulation, anti-aging effects, and improves immunity.

The products are derived from milk. And since they are easily absorbed, they can be consumed before, during, and after your bodybuilding workouts. These products are in three categories, namely:

Whey Isolate?
These versions of products are in a processed form; they separate ash, lactose, carbohydrates, and fats. This means the bodybuilder receives 91-98% protein. The supplements get absorbed faster, and they are recommended to individuals that are on strict calorie intake.

Whey Concentrate?
This is the most common product in the bodybuilding market. Its protein concentration ranges between 45-82% depending on the supplement. The product is primarily used for muscle and bodyweight gaining expedition. Also, the products contain carbohydrates and fats in the form of lactose.

Whey Hydrolysate?
Compared to other types of whey, this category is faster in terms of absorption. This feature makes it more convenient, especially if you are looking for anabolic workout supplements.

2.2. Protein blends
The products are a combination of casein, isolate soy-derived protein, whey concentrate, and other protein-based foods. They offer a wide range of benefits since they contain a vast range of nutrients.

2.3. Casein
Unlike whey proteins, these supplements don’t contain an amino acid, but they are the most recommended anti-catabolic supplements. This is because they are known for slow release from one’s intestine to the bloodstream, and also there digestion rate is slow. Therefore once the bodybuilder is asleep, there’s a continuous supply of vital nutrients to the muscles.

3. What Is Taking The Time And Taking Mechanisms?
If you are looking for supplements for pre and after a workout, then the readily absorbed ones are the best alternative. But if the motive is to have a product that supplements a meal and provides you with amino acids for your coming workouts, then slowly absorbed products are the best remedies.

The way you’re going to take the supplement is also another factor. Are you going to take the product with milk, juice, or a mix of water? This is necessary because it will affect the flavor of the product.

4. What Is The Cost Of The Product?
Remember, cheap is expensive, but that does not mean that you should go for costly products. In this case, your budget should consider the gains of the supplement but not the cost. For instance, whey proteins, more especially the isolates, are costly, but it’s worth it. This is because, per a gram, you buying more proteins. But you’re advised to buy in bulks since you will be given discounts that will save you some bucks.

In addition, some products contain additional ingredients like vitamins. This makes the products expensive. Avoid such products.

5. What Is The Brand Of The Product?
At the moment, the supplement market is flooded with many various products. This makes it difficult for buyers since most of the products have exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims. Don’t fall to these traps; do thorough research.

The first thing you should be keen on is the third party lab report. The seller must provide you the third party lab report through the email or on their website. The statement implies you’re dealing with a genuine dealer, and you are buying a recommended product. Ensure the lab is not related to the supplier in any way.

Next, please read all the content regarding the product; it must be noted that the supplement market is full of flashy marketing phrases. Start with the ingredients, side effects, and reviews. A reputable seller should provide the three components. If the seller concentrates on the product’s positivity and ignores side effects, that’s a red flag.

Bottom Line

The bodybuilding industry has been in existence for many years. Most athletes have achieved their bodybuilding goals, while others have not. What makes that difference is the supplements. Supplements play a significant role in muscle gaining, weight gaining, and workouts endurance. The guide will lead you to the right hands.